Consulting Engagement with MUAD-Negros kicks off this month

Step Up Consulting services started working with the Multi-sectoral Alliance for the Development of Negros on a consulting engagement that seeks to strengthen the organization’ monitoring and evaluation system and financial management.

MUAD-Negros is an island-wide alliance of NGOs, POs, church-based groups, and multi-sectoral bodies organized to help improve the quality of life in Negros island. To realize this vision, MUAD-Negros defined its program, “We-CARE Negrosm,” to assist 10,000 poor families by 2013 by establishing stable sources of livelihood access to basic social services and a balanced environment, and effective governance.

Step Up’s commitment to MUAD-Negros will run up to August 2010 when the revised M and E manual shall be completed and an enhanced financial management system will be implemented by the organization.

Step Up is preferred consultant of the Great Women Project in Bohol

The Gender-Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women (GREAT Women) Project is a governance and capacity development project that aims to promote and support a gender-responsive enabling environment for women’s economic empowerment, particularly those in microenterprises.

Bohol is one of the eight project sites across the country of the said project. More particularly, the project works with the Provincial Government, and the municipalities of Balilihan, Buenavista, and Jagna.

Step Up works with Jagna in at least two engagements – the finalization of its Comprehensive Development Plan and the formulation of the strategic document for the convergence strategy for the Calamay industry.  It has also been recently engaged by the Municipality of Balilihan in the preparation of its Comprehensive Development Plan. The Provincial Technical Working Group of Bohol also commissioned the firm in the consultative conference on women’s economic enterprises, and the recent annual evaluation and planning held in Anda, Bohol.

Step Up’s involvement with the GWP started with its Managing Director was invited by the Philippine Council for Women to attend a training on gender training for non-gender experts in Manila sometime last year.

Step Up accepts three new trainees

As its continuing commitment to train quality professionals in the workplace, Step Up Consulting accepts this summer three trainees in the person of Mr. Paul Richard Stroud, Mr. Abraham Jose Apit, and Mr. Julius Lim.  The three trainees were exposed to the three core services of Step Up, namely, development research, financial management, and capacity building.

Two of the trainees have already joined Mr. Canares in two trips outside Bohol, more particularly in Bacolod for an engagement with the Multi-sectoral Alliance for the Development of Negros.  Two of them were also able to experience using information technology to process business transactions.

The trainees started working with Step Up in early April this year.