The Nortehanon Access Center (NAC), Inc. was formed in late 2005 by a group of civil society organizations in Northern Samar.  The aim was to establish a broad coalition of civil society organizations that will work together and harmonize development efforts in reducing poverty in the province. With the support from the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF), a poverty mapping was conducted in 2005 to determine the poverty situation in Northern Samar and identify the poorest municipalities based on selected poverty indicators. The result of the poverty mapping posed a challenge to the local NGOs and POs.  And in October 2005, a general assembly was convened attended by 33 NGO and PO representatives which elected interim members of NAC governing board.  The interim Board subsequently drafted the VMGO and formed an organizational structure that would best respond to the development challenges in Northern Samar.  NAC was finally registered with SEC in March 27, 2006 and was granted an operational fund from PEF in December 2006.

Four years after, NAC sees the need to restrategize to make itself relevant to the communities that it sought to serve.  A strategic and financial planning was conducted by Step Up Consulting Services with the board and staff members of NAC.  The activity was held at Castle Peak Hotel in Cebu City last May 5-7, 2010.  Michael Canares, Step Up managing consultant facilitate the activity funded by Peace and Equity Foundation.