Step Up signs new contract with Kindernothilfe-Germany

Step Up Consulting Services signed a new contract with Kindernothilfe-Germany to conduct an organizational assessment of one of its partners in the Philippines based in Davao City.  The engagement intends to assist the partner to come up with critical action steps in ensuring organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

The engagement is to be implemented for the whole month of June 2010 with terminal report due 5 days after the end of the month.

Step Up Assists Municipality of Pavia, Iloilo

Step Up Consulting Services was contracted by the Municipality of Pavia, in Iloilo to facilitate the preparation of a gender-responsive comprehensive development plan. A workshop was held with the planning body of the LGU last June 9 to 11 at Tequero Adventure Resort in Guimaras.

Michael Canares facilitated the three-day activity upon the request of the Great Women Project local area coordinator Ms. Bing Lao.