The FAME Project intends to review organizational systems of BUSWACC-assisted projects in Bohol in order to improve financial management, auditabiity, and management arrangements of these associations.  Consequently, it also seeks to enhance the community outreach program of Holy Name University College of Business and Accountancy by allowing its teachers and students opportunity to greater community involvement.

In 2006, Michael Canares, head of Step Up Consulting Services and this project’s coordinator implemented the “Building Capacities for Financial Management of Water Users Associations in Bohol Province”. The project aimed to analyse the financial competencies of water user associations and help build their capacities for financial management. The engagement consisted of three major components; these were training and facilitation, management consulting, and documentation.  The outputs of the project were an accountings systems manual and standard financial reports on the part of the people’s organizations.

The first round of this project, THE FAME PROJECT 2010, takes off from this particular engagement. The particular interest of the first phase of the  project are the organizations currently implementing livelihood projects.  These POs were assisted by BUSWACC (Bohol United Sectors Working for the Advancement of Community Concerns) through the ACCESS Project.

The FAME PROJECT 2011 continues to support BUSWACC and four of its assisted organizations, more particularly, Catarman Mother’s Association, Bohol Local Development Foundation, thefairtradeshoppe – Tagbilaran, and Albur Calamay Makers Association.

The donation of Step Up is used to defray exhibit and partner expenses, as well as prizes to the winning teams.