Step Up Consulting Services trains three new students in various consulting works starting last April. The three students are incoming senior accountancy students of Holy Name University – Mari Abigael Antoni, Anthony Tanio, and Joseph Lago.

The students were exposed to the use of accounting software Quickbooks, preparation of tax returns, and other administrative works. They were also engaged in financial management, more particularly in the review of financial statements of 10 provincial government units across the country.

As the managing consultant is consistently on travel, the trainees were managed by remote and physically supervised by the administrative officer of the firm. This is a new arrangement where all meetings, outputs, and instructions are done online.  There were only limited times when the trainees were supervised physically by the managing consultant.

This is a challenging set-up. But Step Up is not new to this arrangement. In 2011, Step Up evaluated a three country program with a team composed of Dr. Lawrence based in the UK, Ms. Soriaga based in Manila, and Mr. Canares based in Bohol who also travels to Cambodia and Vietnam.  The engagement was completed in 6 months with the consultants only meeting online.

The trainees said that they learned so much, even under this set up. A processing of learning will soon be conducted with the trainees at the close of their engagement with the firm.