Step Up Managing Consultant Lectures in UKZN-Durban

UKZNMichael Canares, Managing Consultant of Step Up Consulting Services, speaks as guest lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-NatalGraduate School of Business and Leadership in Durban, South Africa last 11 December 2013. Mr. Canares was invited by Dr. Jennifer Houghton, academic leader of the Regional and Local Economic Development Initiative of the school. Mr. Canares and Dr. Houghton spent a fellowship together at Brown University in the US in June 2010.

Mr. Canares’ talk, attended by academics and graduate students of the school, was entitled “When Investing in the Local Does or Does Not Work:  Case Studies from Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines”.  The presentation focused on four case studies and argues that there are defining patterns where investments in local development work and contexts where the power of the local can be harnessed to achieve desirable social ends.

In his introduction to Mr. Canares, Professor Stephen Migiro, Dean and Head of School expressed optimism that future partnerships can be explored by the school and Mr. Canares, as well as with Holy Name University, where Mr. Canares serves as managing editor of an academic journal.

Step Up attends ICTD 2013

ICTD 2013Managing Consultant of Step Up Consulting Services was one of the 40 emerging scholars invited to attend the ICT and Development Conference in Cape Town, South Africa scheduled on 7-10 December 2013.  The conference is one of the premier gatherings of researchers, scholars, and professionals working in the area of ICT and its role in social, economic, and political development.

IDRC and the Government of Canada funded the participation of Mr. Canares to attend the event and a pre-conference research training facilitated by the University of Cape Town (UCT) and University of Western Cape (UWC).  The pre-conference training, which focuses on Opening Up the ICT Ecosystem through Inclusion, Training, and Dialogue (OUITD), is held from 2-6 December 2013, in the facilities of UCT and UWC.

According to OUITD program chair Prof. Julian May, there were approximately 180 applicants for the program. A total of 40 participants were selected coming from different countries as Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, and the Philippines, among others. Mr. Canares is the only representative of the Philippines to the program.

Mr. Canares’ work presented in the conference is on e-taxation. Fieldwork was conducted with the assistance of Step Up research associate Ms. Vera Villocido-Gisete.