ODDC network participants during the network meeting in Berlin
ODDC network participants during the network meeting in Berlin. Mr. Canares (center of picture, speaking) shared his insights to the other network members.

Step Up Consulting was in Berlin last July 14-18, 2014 to attend two activities related to the Open LGU Research Project that the firm completed successfully this year.  Michael Canares, the project’s team leader and Mr. Joseph de Guia, research associate represented the Step Up team in the Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) network meeting in Berlin last July 14-15. They also attended the Open Knowledge Festival (OKFest) on July 16-18.

Since June 2013, researchers from the Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries research network have been carrying out case study research into the supply, use and outcomes of open data in various countries and contexts across the world. Network members coming from Asia, Africa, and Latin America met for a workshop in Berlin on 14th and 15th July to bring together their research findings. A public research sharing event was done on the 15th of July at the Wikimedia Center – Germany. Mr. Canares was one of the panelists on the session on the demand for open data.

Mr. Canares and Mr. de Guia also represented Step Up in the OKFest held at Kulturbraueri, Berlin.  The Open Knowledge Festival 2014 was considered the biggest open data and open knowledge event to date. It was attended by over 1,000 people from more than 60 countries who shared skills, experience, research findings and tools to “further the power of openness as a positive force for change”.  Mr. Canares was the lead facilitator in the Ground-Up Intermediaries session where colleagues from India, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, and Kenya also acted as co-facilitators.