(image courtesy of Open Society Foundation-Macedonia)

Michael Canares, strategy advisor of Step Up Consulting designed and facilitated a series of workshops for the Republic of North Macedonia as part of his consulting contract with the Open Government Partnership. The workshops aimed to assist the government in finalizing its national action plan on open government partnership. The workshops were held last 4 and 14 June, albeit online, to tackle issues on access to justice, public services, open data, and public procurement.

The Republic of North Macedonia, a country that gained its independence in 1991, is one of the early joiners of the Open Government Partnership, a global network of governments committed to promoting transparency, accountability and inclusive participation in governance. It has already developed and implemented four cycles of action plans. Currently, it is working on its fifth plan to cover the years 2021 to 2023.

The pandemic has significantly impacted the planning processes. Despite limitations in mobility, the country was able to conduct consultations and discussions in order to finish the commitments that it will incorporate in the new action plan. The workshops that Mr. Canares facilitated are one of the final activities towards the finalization of the plan.

For more details, please consult the website of the Open Society Foundation-Macedonia that you can find here. https://fosm.mk/en/current-project/e-workshop-governance-based-on-citizens-interests-and-needs/.