Step Up Consulting is currently implementing the following research projects:


The Open LGU Research Project.

Using a case study approach in three provinces, this project looks at how the sharing of governance information online has impacted on local government systems, and how the information and data has been accessed and used by civil society representatives and intermediary groups. The project will identify policies and processes that could support the Philippines to more fully realise an open government data agenda for local government, and will identify challenges currently faced in the supply and use of local government data.                                                                                         Read more….






Enhancing Citizen Engagement with Open Government Data (OGD)  will deal this primary research question – How can engagement of civil society organizations with open government data be instigated or enhanced?

To answer this question, the following secondary research questions will be explored:

  1. What do CSOs know about open government data? What do they know about government data that their local governments are publishing in the web?
  2. What do CSOs have in terms of skills that would enable them to engage meaningfully with open government data?
  3. How best can capacity building be delivered to civil society organizations to ensure that they learn to access and use open government data to improve governance?

The research project will be implemented in two provinces in the Central Visayas – Bohol and Negros Oriental and will take the form of an action research which will make use of a research-based capacity building program to learn about the strengths and limits of approaches in enhancing citizen engagement with open government data at the local level.