Here you can find relevant resources that Step Up has producd as part of its work. Click on the title to access the resource.

Research Reports:

Open Contracting and Inclusion.  Research funded by HIVOS.

Open Government Data for Inclusive Development (2020), a chapter in the book “Making Open Development Inclusive:  Lessons from IDRC Research” published by IDRC and MIT Press.

Increasing Data Literacy of Girls in Indonesia: What have we learned? 2019. The Web Foundation.

Open Data Around the World: South, Southeast and East Asia. 2019. IDRC and African Minds.

Who Wins, Who Loses? Understanding Women’s Experiences of Social Media Taxation in East and Southern Africa. 2019. Web Foundation. Co-authored with Dhanaraj Thakur.  Available at

Citizen Engagement with Open Government Data.  Project funded by the Open Data for Development.

Opening the Gates: Will Open Data Initiatives Make Local Governments in the Philippines More Transparent?. Project funded by IDRC through World Wide Web Foundation.

Opening the Local: Full Disclosure Policy and its Impact on Local Governments in the Philippines. ICEGOV 2014: pp89-98.

“The Excluded Poor: How Targeting Has Left Out the Poor in Peripheral Cities in the Philippines” in Kanbur et al edited ‘Urbanization and Development in Asia: Multidisciplinary Perspectives”, Oxford University Press: India, 2012. Also published as a working paper.


Open Contracting Research Module funded by HIVOS.

Benchmark on Readiness for Open Agency Data.  Project funded by SEATTI.

Local Road Management Performance Assessment Tool.  Commissioned by PRMF.

Measuring Local Economic Development Results: A Guide for Local Government Units.  Commissioned by LGSP-LED.

Other Websites

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