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STEP UP Consulting Services is a social enterprise providing development research, capacity building, and financial management services to non-government organizations, local government units, community based associations, as well as government agencies and funding institutions. To date, Step Up boasts of a roster of professionals in the field of participatory research, facilitation, financial management, internal audit, external audit, service process improvement, monitoring and evaluation, process and output documentation, project development and management, local governance, and community development. The organization’s pool of consultants is composed of development workers, university professors, and post graduate students committed to providing quality service in the name of development.

Step Up is organized to meet the needs of organizations in Bohol and in the country for professional services. It works on a socialized rates basis where professionals volunteer work for less than their regular pay to clients who are unable to afford quality services because of prohibitive costs.  Step Up also runs a community extension program, a scholarship for high school students, with funds taken out from its annual operating surplus. Likewise, it provides opportunities for academics and practitioners to work on issues that will not otherwise be supported by the organizations that employ them.

Organized in 1999 with only two full-time staff, Step Up grew into a trusted service provider not only in the province of Bohol but also nationwide. In 2008, Step Up was able to provide services to international clients, more notably funding institutions based in Europe.
Step Up now services local government units, funding institutions, people’s organizations, national government agencies, and a few socially-responsible business establishments.